If you want to make consistent profits in the stock market, you must learn THE DANCE!

The markets are constantly moving. And if your positions aren’t moving in sync with the markets, you’re going to get eaten alive.

The Laser™ is a hyper-responsive system that will help you expertly “dance” with the markets to quickly get out of positions that are working against you and stay into positions that are moving in your favor.

The Laser™ will provide you with updated protective stop prices each week. So that you know exactly when to buy and when to sell any stock. It will also serve up a new batch of Featured Stocks each week. So that you can easily find which stocks you want to invest in.

Join us for this investor meet-up where we’ll do THE DANCE

Every Sunday at 12pm PST

  • 1

    Discuss the current week’s market update

  • 2

    Help you identify your top stock picks for the week

  • 3

    Learn exactly how to update your positions for the week so that you minimize your losses and maximize your profits

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