Whether you are just starting out, or you’re an experienced investor, the Basic Training course will teach you everything you need to know to successfully execute the The Laser™ system.

This is a 2-hour online course that’s completely free.

Invest just 2 hours of your time to complete Basic Training, and from then on The Laser™ system will only take you 15 minutes each weekend to successfully manage your stock portfolio.

“I just watched the Basic Training videos. You hit it out of the park!!! You sure told it how it is, thank you for the truth on investing!!! The best information and story telling ever about investing with The Laser.
Gord Slater, Former NHL Athlete

“Thanks so much for the Basic Training videos. Excellent job and very forthright. I’m really looking forward to the Advanced Training sessions. The Laser is everything I imagined and more!

David Cressman, Former NHL Athlete

“As a first time stock investor, The Laser has helped me establish the confidence in investing.  I feel confident and happy knowing that I am not “gambling” anymore with stock choices.  I would definitely say for those who are first time investors or well experienced, this is a product you need to use.  I would highly recommend STT as they are extremely professional and incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. “

Jack Toro, CDPE, CIAS
“The knowledge & understanding that I am receiving from The Laser Academy is PRICELESS!”
Lorne Piett, Founder, Frontrunner Tec

Everything I’ve tried to use previously was SO complicated. I love the simplicity of The Laser….very straight forward.  Scott is so knowledgeable and provides incredible support.  I’m so happy I found Scott’s system and I am on my way to greater returns.  Thank you Stock Timing Tech and The Laser!!”

Sheri Jones, CDPE, CIAS

“As an educator I appreciate Scott’s interactive trainings.  I’m learning hands on information, which I can apply to my personal stock portfolio right away.  Investing in The Laser is worth the price for the education alone!”

Varina Smallwood, MSN, RN - BC and Realtor

Buy & Hold is Dead

Buy & Hold is an outdated strategy that no longer works in today’s world. There is a smarter, safer way to consistently grow your money.