The Laser™ is a safe, reliable system that helps you time the stock market to make consistent profits

Screenshot of The Laser mobile app showing a chart of Disney stock

Choose The Right Stock…

No more endless hours searching for the right stock. With just one click, The Laser™ gives you a list of featured stocks each week – showing you the current week’s top buying and selling opportunities.

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At The Right Time…

Stock timing is what The Laser™ does best! It gives you exact buy and sell signals to keep you in winning trades and quickly get you out of losing trades. Despite what many people say, it IS possible to time the markets.

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When it comes to the stock market, there’s no such thing as a sure thing. But The Laser™ has an unprecedented track record that can significantly boost your profits and reduce your losses. Don’t take our word for it…See for yourself with The Laser 100™.

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Features That Optimize For Consistent Profits

Stock chart with buy and sell signals for Zillow stock

Exact Buy & Sell Signals

The Laser™ provides the exact price (to the penny) to buy and sell any stock. Never again will you second guess your timing.

Real-Time Alerts

Get immediate alerts any time there is a major shift with any stock in your watchlist.

Customizable Watchlist

Add up to 50 stocks to your watchlist to get immediately notified whenever a major change occurs.

Training Included

The Laser Academy™ will teach you exactly how to use the system to capitalize on the very best trades in the market each week.

Featured Stocks

Each week The Laser™ does a scan of 6,000+ stocks to search to narrow down the very best buying/selling opportunities.

Risk Management

With every trade, The Laser™ shows you what your maximum risk is.

Variety of features within The Laser stock investing app

The Laser 100™

Check out The Laser’s top 100 performing stocks over the past year.

The total profit per stock is calculated as if you took every buy and sell signal from The Laser™ during the past 12 months.